Sunday, August 15, 2010

PM Precast Review

While searching for a PMP Certification preparation training courses; as I’m working on a products comparison research to one of my clients , I found a very special product known as PM Precast which really has drawn my attention.

Unlike other training courses, its offered for a very low cost just $99.7 and to be honest it is not about the price only, the  course content is really of great value ! I've downloaded some of the free episodes offered by Cornelius fetcher in the "Try it Free" Section and started listening to them, also, I've done some researches on the internet to know more about this product from other people.

What is really special about the PM PrepCast is it tells you literally everything you need to know about PMP Certification from day zero till the day you renew your PMP Certification for the first time, I have seen many PMP certified folks who don’t know how to get the 60 PDUs to renew the PMP certification, Cornelius, the host of the product, takes the responsibility of making you aware of the whole story, some information like the PDUs categories that most of PMP certified folks don’t know about is available in the PM PrepCast.

Here are more facts about the product:
1-  Statistics :this product has been purchased by 10,343 students, actually this proves a high level of satisfaction!!
2- Package/What you will get:
  • 112 video and audio lessons (average 26 minutes each) in plain, down-to-earth English. More than 47 hours of instruction!
  • Certificate for 35 Contact Hours : using this workshop, you can earn 35 contact hours, which are a mandatory perquisites for taking the PMP Certification exam                                       
  • NB: To get this certificate, you need to pass an exam of 25 questions (for free).You can take this test after 2 weeks at anytime and  as many times as you need
  • 60 tough sample exam questions
  • Email course – 10 steps to becoming PMP – throw light on the whole process
  •  Exam study checklist
  • Access to Exam Discussion Forums
  • Unconditional Money Back Guarantee from the publisher
3- The product's host  is granted by OSP International ;an Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) and officially recognized by Project Management Institution listed at PMI website, so they have to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria.

My Opinion:

If you are considering taking the PMP certification exam, I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast . It
is a great resource, provides quality information and very much cost effective, Actually the fact  that  you get 35 contact hours certificate for $99.97 is one of the best deals I  personally have come across.

Caution : PM PrepCast cannot replace the PMBOK guide .You must read PMBOK guide twice or thrice
Hope that you find the above information of use to you. Also, you can buy the PM PrepCast from here